Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 Knitting - End of Year Review

I just learned to knit in January 2010.  I have absolutely fallen in love with it!  It's my favorite thing to do now.  I mostly did small projects to learn on.  I can't wait to tackle some harder and bigger patterns.  Here it is the last day of the year, and I'm wondering if I can fit in one more project today...
Here are my stats for this year:

Total Projects knit: 25
 # of projects specifically for myself: 1

*Last one is crochet, but I needed one more pic to make my collage even.  Didn't include washcloths... =)

Finished Knitted Objects:
Scarves: 3
Mittens/Fingerless: 6 pair
Tops: 1 (simple baby top)
Washcloths: 2
Bibs: 1
Slippers: 1 pair

Techniques/Stitches accomplished:
  1. cast on
  2. bind off 
  3. garter/knit stitch
  4. purl stitch
  5. stockinette stitch
  6. rib stitch
  7. adding skein
  8. simple cables
  9. seed stitch
  10. waffle stitch
  11. whip stitch (blech.)
  12. picot edge
  13. gussets
  14. eyelets
  15. Ktbl
  16. Kfb
  17. K2Tog
  18. M1
  19. SSK
  20. knit on straight needles
  21. knit in round on DPNs
  22. knit in round on circulars
  23. add stitches in middle of row using single cast-on
  24. pick up stitches
  25. fix a dropped stitch (and a whole dropped section!)
  26. rip back and was able to put project back on needles
  27. tried continental style (but didn't use it in projects.) 
  28. magic loop knitting
  29. fair isle (first try)
Other stuff accomplished:

   30.  knit Christmas gifts
   31.  taught Miss Dainty to do knit stitch
   32.  knit in public


My Captivating Images said...

I wish I had the patience. :) Great job!

Linda said...

Hey there, I found your blog through the comment you left on my blog ( - thanks so much for that btw!) and just wanted to say I love reading it! Your knitting end of year review is awesome. I can't believe you just learned to knit in January 2010, you accomplished a ton! I (re-) learned to knit in July '07 and it was the same for me, I fell in love with the craft and it became my favorite thing to do.
But I'm rambling. I saw you're in the Norfolk area, quite the coincidence - we've just moved there! It's one of the reasons I haven't updated my blog in ages as we've been trying to find a house and all; but then I've never been that good about updating really. I think it's fantastic how often you update, it's inspiring me to update mine more often :)
Sorry this got kind of long! Are you on Ravelry by any chance?
Happy New Year to you and yours!
Linda (linda.wilgus (at), linw on Rav)

Sheena said...

MCI - thanks! =)

Linda - Hi! Thanks for the compliments! I actually just started blogging again. I used to blog at another address, but eventually stopped. Facebook made it too easy to update family with a sentence or two. But I ended up missing my blog, so I started a new one. =)

Welcome to Hampton Roads! We've lived here for about a year and a half, and honestly I'm really loving it here. I found your blog from your post on the HR Rav group about starting a mom's kid friendly group, I'll have to email you about it! =)