Monday, December 27, 2010

Winter Storm

We got about a foot of snow yesterday.  So, of course we had to take the girls out.  I had fun for about 10 minutes... then I was ready to go inside.  =)   I'm not much of a snow person, however, I did get to try out my mittens!  They were awesome!
Like my dorky pose?  haha

The mittens kept my hands warm.  I was very impressed with the yarn.  I think I'm going to make the kids some mittens out of it now.  Their mittens didn't keep their hands very warm, but I had only used worsted weight yarn, not bulky or anything.  =/  Now I know.

Mr Hubs and the kids enjoyed the snow much more than I did.  Mr Hubs even broke out his zombie costume for a few post apocalyptic-ish zombie photos... lol Here's a pic of the hubby.  They all had a blast.  I had fun taking the pictures.  =)


My Captivating Images said...

My hubby thinks your hubby is cool! :) He wants to do the whole scarecrow, Halloween bowl with please take one sign, and then scare the bejesus out of kids who take more on Halloween. I have tried to warn him this may cause him bodily harm! LOL! :)

Sheena said...

haha I'll have to let him know. =) My hubby loves the whole scaring thing at Halloween, too. When we were in Italy, the kids got a kick out of his costume. Last year, here, the kids weren't as impressed. lol.