Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Visit to the Pond

This morning we took a much needed trip to the library.  It's one of our favorite places to go.  I love that the kids love it as much as I do.  After story hour and stocking up on books, we headed home for lunch.

Later, the sun beckoned us outside.  There was still a slight cool breeze outside, but the sun was warm, so we took a walk down to the pond.  We fed the duck.  (We were hoping there would be more, but alas only one was around, and he turned out to not be too hungry.)  We saw our first redwinged blackbird!  What's so neat is that Miss Dainty recognized the call before we even sighted the bird.  She couldn't recall which bird it was, but knew the call from her bird book.  How cool is that?  We walked along the bank and watched some turtles sunbathing before accidentally startling them into the water.  Then we tried to feed them, too, but they also weren't hungry.  So we sat and pretended to be turtles soaking up the warm sun.  The girls loved it.  Eventually, we headed over to the playground. 

Such a great way to start the day.  Notice their shawls?  =)  We received a box in the mail yesterday from Mr Hubs.  The shawls were made in Turkey.  They've been wearing them nonstop.  They were so excited to get something from him. 

Monday, March 28, 2011

Baby D's Eloise

I finished Baby D's cardigan!  Last week, actually, but I still need to add a button to the top.  Not that she minds.  She's even had the chance to wear it this week since it got freakishly cold again.  I'm happy that I made it a size up so she can have it for next year.  This pattern (Eloise Eyelet Cardi on Ravelry) was a super easy introduction to sweaters.  I learned the mattress stitch finally!  The only part I had problems with was seaming the armpits.  Wasn't quite sure how to do it and make it look nice, but for the most part you can't tell when it's on.  =)  Loved this pattern.  I'm thinking my nieces might be getting one for Christmas this year.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Something good.

This afternoon, I needed to focus on something good, and just be in the present moment with my girls.  So, I helped them each make a new batch of playdough.  They loved being allowed to "cook" the playdough (they did the mixing before I heated it in the pot.)  They loved picking the color.  And of course, playing with new playdough is awesome.
They loved it, and so did I.


Thanks to all my friends and family who responded to my last post or who are praying for my family back home.  I truly appreciate everything.  After a very long conversation with my mom the other night, I'm dealing much better with it all.  Although, it is still a very sad and horrible situation, my heart and prayers go out to my family back home.  I miss them very much.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

sad, sad world

I got horrible news today concerning family back home...
and my heart is heavy...
I've had moments this evening when sadness feels like it might take over
and I have to think of something else
because I do not have the option of allowing it to.

Apple Shirt

This was a shirt I bought in Sicily a few years ago. I loved the apple fabric, but the shirt was too small.
Today, I pulled it out of my fabric stash, and (finally) turned it into something else (which I've been meaning to do for years.)  I used a simple pattern and made a 3T tank top.  Unfortunately, 3T is still too big for Baby D.  Oh well.  She'll have it when she grows into it.
Here she was counting the apples. =)

I'm so excited to have made something, even though I made a few mistakes.  One of my goals (for the past decade,) has been to learn to sew more than a square.  I sewed Baby D's diapers when we were cloth diapering, but that was about as far as I took my sewing skills.  I want to get better... I do.  So, hopefully, I'll gradually challenge myself with some clothes for the girls.  Miss Dainty is already asking for a dress.  =D

Monday, March 14, 2011

Keeping Busy

Miss Dainty has decided on a tea party for her upcoming birthday. So, we've been practicing...
I drove up to my grandparents' house to pick up my grandma.  I needed to borrow her for a few days... =)  Miss Dainty had a trip to Colonial Williamsburg for Girl Scouts, and I knew I wanted my grandma to come.  We enjoyed it.  We didn't stay all day since Miss Dainty was still feeling a little under the weather, getting over her cold, but we had fun with what we did get to see and do.  (We are so dressing up next time!!)
While my grandma was here I got to work on some unfinished projects.  I completed the "Daddy Pillows" as we call them.  The girls love them.  I also worked a lot on Baby D's sweater.  I'm just about done.  I have only the seaming and finishing left to do.  My grandparents also surprised me with 4 new vegan cookbooks!  Sweet!  I can't wait to start trying meals out of them.

Today, I worked on the backyard a bit.  I finished raking up the pine needles...  ended up with 8 huge yard bags full.  My love/hate relationship with our pine tree was leaning a little more towards hate after that, but in the end it looked really good.  And the area around it is just begging for flowers.  Miss Dainty picked some out today, so hopefully we'll get the seeds planted soon.  We also picked up a bag of wildflower seed mix that is supposed to attract butterflies and hummingbirds.  Miss Dainty wants a butterfly garden.  I'm hoping it will be flowering in time for her birthday party.  It should, but you never know with me gardening...  =)

And that's what I've been up to...  the temperatures are getting warmer and warmer.  We're so excited for spring!  Hope everyone is enjoying themselves as well.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Girls' Room Do-Over: Goals 2 & 3 Progress

Remember what Miss Dainty's room looked like before?  Well, we got a lot accomplished today!
The closet system is still working great!  Today, I took a huge pile of toys out of the room, although I haven't officially gotten rid of any yet.  I need to do it while the kids are sleeping, otherwise, they will all end up back in the room.  I bought a toybox at Target, today, and I'm thinking it will hold the baby doll stuff, and go in front of the window.  There's another tall shelf that I want to get for that right corner, and then I think that's where the table and chairs will go, also.  Along that right wall, I'm thinking will be the kitchen stuff.  Finally, once I get Baby D's bed in there instead of Miss Dainty's, it will free up more space on that side of the room.  =)  I'm hoping to be done weeding through everything by next week, because my grandma will be visiting, and I can hopefully use that time to get some painting done.  Excited!

Progress on Goals:
  1. Organize and put up clothes.
  2. Reduce amount of toys. (In progress)
  3. Organize and put away toys. (In progress)
  4. Paint walls.
  5. Decorate!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Spring is on its way

We had a very warm, beautiful day yesterday.  While the girls had a blast playing, I did some yard work raking up dead pine needles.  There is so much of the stuff!  The flowers are popping up in the front yard, kudos to the previous owners... heh.  I have a brown thumb, but Miss Dainty really wants to try some gardening this year.  I'm going to clear out the space around the pine tree and plant a butterfly garden, and then hopefully try growing some edible plants in containers.  I hesitate to put the effort into growing stuff in the ground since we won't know what our new orders will be for a little while still.  First priority, though, is putting down grass seed in the back.  The frontyard looks much better, but the backyard needs a lot of attention.  This past summer was harsh on the grass.

I can't wait for it to stay warm, though.  Today, the temps were back in the low 40s.  =(