Friday, March 4, 2011

Girls' Room Do-Over: Goals 2 & 3 Progress

Remember what Miss Dainty's room looked like before?  Well, we got a lot accomplished today!
The closet system is still working great!  Today, I took a huge pile of toys out of the room, although I haven't officially gotten rid of any yet.  I need to do it while the kids are sleeping, otherwise, they will all end up back in the room.  I bought a toybox at Target, today, and I'm thinking it will hold the baby doll stuff, and go in front of the window.  There's another tall shelf that I want to get for that right corner, and then I think that's where the table and chairs will go, also.  Along that right wall, I'm thinking will be the kitchen stuff.  Finally, once I get Baby D's bed in there instead of Miss Dainty's, it will free up more space on that side of the room.  =)  I'm hoping to be done weeding through everything by next week, because my grandma will be visiting, and I can hopefully use that time to get some painting done.  Excited!

Progress on Goals:
  1. Organize and put up clothes.
  2. Reduce amount of toys. (In progress)
  3. Organize and put away toys. (In progress)
  4. Paint walls.
  5. Decorate!

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Diana said...

Congrats!!!! It's all about baby steps. I'm always amazed when I look back and realize, "All those baby steps got me here???" lol