Saturday, March 19, 2011

Apple Shirt

This was a shirt I bought in Sicily a few years ago. I loved the apple fabric, but the shirt was too small.
Today, I pulled it out of my fabric stash, and (finally) turned it into something else (which I've been meaning to do for years.)  I used a simple pattern and made a 3T tank top.  Unfortunately, 3T is still too big for Baby D.  Oh well.  She'll have it when she grows into it.
Here she was counting the apples. =)

I'm so excited to have made something, even though I made a few mistakes.  One of my goals (for the past decade,) has been to learn to sew more than a square.  I sewed Baby D's diapers when we were cloth diapering, but that was about as far as I took my sewing skills.  I want to get better... I do.  So, hopefully, I'll gradually challenge myself with some clothes for the girls.  Miss Dainty is already asking for a dress.  =D