Thursday, March 3, 2011

Spring is on its way

We had a very warm, beautiful day yesterday.  While the girls had a blast playing, I did some yard work raking up dead pine needles.  There is so much of the stuff!  The flowers are popping up in the front yard, kudos to the previous owners... heh.  I have a brown thumb, but Miss Dainty really wants to try some gardening this year.  I'm going to clear out the space around the pine tree and plant a butterfly garden, and then hopefully try growing some edible plants in containers.  I hesitate to put the effort into growing stuff in the ground since we won't know what our new orders will be for a little while still.  First priority, though, is putting down grass seed in the back.  The frontyard looks much better, but the backyard needs a lot of attention.  This past summer was harsh on the grass.

I can't wait for it to stay warm, though.  Today, the temps were back in the low 40s.  =(


My Captivating Images said...

I understand that! We had Jett's 2nd birthday party yesterday (complete with painting) and the first half was really warm but the last half we had to put jackets on everyone! LOL! Then today and tomorrow it's suppose to be all thunder storms. BLAH!

Sheena said...

yeah, we're having t-storms here, too. Hope ya'll had a good time with the birthday party! =)

Diana said...

I've been hesitating when it comes to gardening too. We weren't sure how long we'd still be in Texas, but we think we can safely say we'll be in the house by April 30, so that sealed it that I won't be doing permanent gardening here, but I'm going to pick up some soil tomorrow and do some herb containers. I'm glad you mentioned that. lol.