Monday, February 28, 2011

Crafting... and goodbyes...

Now that my knitting swap projects are done, I've been focusing on a few other projects.  Miss Dainty is still up and down with emotions dealing with the deployment, which is expected, of course.  I've been at a loss as to what to do to help her feel better about the situation.  "Normal" deployment activities that I've heard of just won't work for us, such as a deployment count down.  I know her (and myself.)  It would not help us to see that we still have ### days left before Daddy comes home.  I think that would be even more depressing.

So far, we've been dealing by just staying in the present.  We talk about him every day, as if he would be coming home at normal time after dinner, not that we're expecting him to, and Miss Dainty does understand that it's going to be a long time, but we're just not dwelling on just how long it's going to be.  And of course, we're staying busy.  The weeks are flying by, and suddenly it's Sunday again, when it was just Sunday yesterday, it seems.  This is definitely not a bad thing.

Anyhow, after talking to a friend of mine, whose husband is also deployed, I decided to try making a few things for the girls.  The first is going to be a little pillow with a picture of them with Daddy.  I found some iron on transfer paper in my craft stash and was happy to finally use it... (it's a few years old, at least, which is probably why it yellowed a little bit, but they won't care.)  I'm going to let them pick what fabric they want to go on the back.  The sheet was a freebie from a friend who just moved today.  She gave me a ton of stuff, and I can't wait to put it to use.  =)  We're also going to make a scrapbook soon or a picture board.  I haven't decided which, just yet.  I will also be making some note cards to send to Mr Hubs that are ready to be written in and sent back.
I'm also getting back to Baby D's sweater... and look what I thought to do today. I don't know why I didn't think of this earlier.  I mean really, I already put all of our public domain book pdf files on my Kindle, why didn't I think about my knitting patterns?!  Sweet.
And last but not least, we said goodbye to our friends who moved today.  *tear*  Miss Dainty loves this little girl, and will miss her.  And I'm going to miss her and her mom, too.  But it's a good move for them, and we will definitely have to visit.  =)
Tomorrow, I am mailing my swap package (again.) Today's trip to the post office did not fare well. Hopefully, tomorrow's trip will be better!


Diana said...

Hey! It's ezrinjaz from the swap. I happened across your blog. First, I didn't realize you could put knitting patterns on the Kindle. How does that work? I've got my eye on one but haven't indulged myself yet. Are you able to highlight on the Kindle?

That sucks too that your husband was just deployed. I know it's very hard not having him home. My situation doesn't even compare to yours, but my hubby was a truck driver for a few years before he got back into computers, now he's been working 4 hours away and living with his best friend and I go a few weeks at a time without seeing him, much like when he was truck driving. I can't even imagine if he were military and gone months at a time. How do you handle the depression?

Sheena said...

Hey! =) Yeah, I just found out you could put patterns on the kindle. This one I had to virtually print into a pdf, so I don't think I can highlight it for that reason. I haven't tried with a pattern that was already in pdf format. I will try tonight and let you know. =) I think you are supposed to be able to highlight and take notes on pdfs.

Sorry your hubs is away quite often, too. =( How do I handle the depression? heh... well, I keep myself in an ever present state of denial... j/k =) I keep really, really busy. I have something to do/go to just about every single day. And on days that I don't, I'm just grateful for the chance to relax. I have a great support system here, also. I've made some really good friends, and ladies in my Bible study are always ready to lend support as well.

It really hasn't been too bad so far. We'll see how I feel further along into the deployment. heh =)

Sheena said...

Oh, I forgot to tell you how I got the pattern to the kindle: I "printed" it into a pdf, then plugged in my kindle to my laptop, opened it, opened "documents" folder and pasted a copy of the pdf. =) I still haven't tried with a pattern that was already in pdf format though.