Monday, March 28, 2011

Baby D's Eloise

I finished Baby D's cardigan!  Last week, actually, but I still need to add a button to the top.  Not that she minds.  She's even had the chance to wear it this week since it got freakishly cold again.  I'm happy that I made it a size up so she can have it for next year.  This pattern (Eloise Eyelet Cardi on Ravelry) was a super easy introduction to sweaters.  I learned the mattress stitch finally!  The only part I had problems with was seaming the armpits.  Wasn't quite sure how to do it and make it look nice, but for the most part you can't tell when it's on.  =)  Loved this pattern.  I'm thinking my nieces might be getting one for Christmas this year.


Angela said...

super cute! great job!

Sheena said...

thanks! =)