Thursday, October 21, 2010

Best Friends Forever: Part 2

I've been thinking about my last post... a lot actually.  It was a tough week for me.  But after talking with friends yesterday and today, I'm feeling a lot better about things.

Today, we met for small group and discussed the "relational wisdom" portion of the study.  It was a wonderful discussion, and I had quite a few light bulb moments.

I realized that this is the perfect time for me to be facing the issue of my holding people at a comfortable distance, because now that I recognize what I'm doing, I can fix it.  In fact, now that I want to stop doing that, I find myself in the perfect place to go ahead and do it.  God has already placed amazing women in my path, right here, right now, that I can reach out to.  It never fails to amaze me how much He provides for me, before I even realize I needed what He's already provided!

I do miss my friends from past duty stations, dearly.  But I realized this week, that those friendships are not over. (Thanks Ang!)  And I do hold those friendships close to my heart.  I also realized that if I don't invest in new friendships now, I could truly be missing out on many blessings, and on many chances to be a blessing to others.  I now have a fresh perspective.  I am really looking forward to growing my friendships with these ladies.

Perhaps, we'll even be lucky enough to get another tour here.
*gasp!  Did I just say that?!?  =)  heh.

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