Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Time for a New Blog

Why a new blog? 

Oh, I don't know, really.  It's not like I'm just now starting a new phase in my life, which has been the reason for past blog changes.  Actually, I've been in this current "phase" (readjusting to living in the states) for over a year, but it's taken me this long to get settled, to get re-focused, to get re-centered. 

Maybe it's because Mr. Hubs is out at sea right now.  It's given me a lot of time to think about things, to depend on God more, to realize there is a need for certain changes in my life.  I want to grow more, and I'm tired of holding myself back out of fear, out of the need to control. This is not what I want to teach my girls.  How can I teach them to trust God, if I don't?

It doesn't help that I'm also growing tired of Facebook and it's few line updates.  =)

What about the blog name?

Dandelion Days.  I look at my girls and this is what I think of.  They are so free spirited, so innocent, so lighthearted.  My days are filled with this, and it's wonderful really.  (They are also growing like weeds....)  They really do balance me out.  They challenge me to go more with the flow, to realize I don't have to control everything, (I mean really, how can anyone control dandelions?!?) 

Their trust, their faith, their freedom remind me that in Christ, I, too, am free.  I'm free to let go of past hurts and failures, free to live life to the fullest, and free to grow into the woman He had planned for me to be all along.  Just like they are my sweet little children, I know I am God's. 

So, now, this is truly my life.  Growing in Christ.  And this is a huge difference from my life (and blogs) before.  I think that's why I felt the desire to start a new one.  I am really so excited to fully embrace this journey.  I am so ready to cross that bridge.