Friday, October 29, 2010

Family Time

Mr. Hubs made it home this past Tuesday, so we've been happily enjoying lots of family time together.  It seems the girls got so used to him being gone, that they keep forgetting he's actually here.  Then, when they remember, their eyes light up, and they get so excited all over again.  I wonder how long they'll keep doing that.  Even this morning, they walked into our bedroom and when they saw him, they squealed, "Daddy!!!" as if it were the first time seeing him.  When he came downstairs later, Baby D literally ran up to him with her arms held out, hollering, "Daddy!  Daddy!" repeatedly.  It was so cute. 
He surprised them while we were waiting in the car.
Today, we drove out to a local "Pick Your Own" farm and let them pick out pumpkins.  The girls had a blast.  It was a beautiful day.  The weather actually felt fall-ish, instead of the summery weather we've been having the past few weeks.  Now that the Halloween loving Mr. Hubs is home, I think we're officially ready for getting into the Fall season.  I see some pumpkin carving and some baking on the agenda this weekend. 

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