Thursday, October 14, 2010

Rainy days are good for....

"Rainy days are good for naps," I told Miss Dainty, as I laid my head down on the dining room table.  If I was expecting sympathy from a five year old, I was definitely misguided.

She laughed at me instead.  "No, that's being lazy," she countered.  Oh, well, thanks.  Now I'm tired and lazy, I thought to myself.  She beamed as she placed the last piece to the puzzle we were doing; it was our first time with that particular one.  Her smile was contagious, and I smiled back.

1. Rainy days are good for fellowshiping, sharing, and learning at small group Bible study.  This is my first time ever leading a small group.  This morning was our second meeting.  Everything went very well, except for our sitter not showing up, but thankfully a wonderful mom stepped up to watch the kids.  We're studying Proverbs, and I'm very excited to grow with this great group of ladies.

2. Rainy days are good for magnetic dolls.  They are Baby D's favorite.

3. Rainy days are good for cuddling and naps (at least Baby D agrees with me.)  I love it when she comes up to me and says, "Mi Mi," for night night.  I look forward to rocking her to sleep every afternoon.

4. Rainy days are good for puzzles (but only during Baby D's naptime.)

5. Rainy days are good for fun reading.  I love this Aesop's Fables edition I was able to find off of paperbackswap!

6. Rainy days are good for modeling Momma's latest knitting project.  This particular one is a Christmas gift, but I doubt the recipient will check this blog.

7. Rainy days are good for an afternoon cup of coffee and knitting while the girls play "pretend birthday" while listening and dancing to fun kiddy music.

Rainy days are good for quality time.

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