Friday, January 28, 2011

Over Thinking

This morning after sleeping soundly (but unfortunately for not long enough,) I heard the baby yelling for me.  My eyes did not want to open.  I stayed up too late last night finishing a book, and yet, even if I hadn't finished it, I would have laid there awake regardless.

I wondered what day it was.  Is that sad?  I lose track of days when my schedule is not packed.  I remembered that it was Friday.  Nothing to do on Friday.  Good.  That's how I wanted it.  We did something yesterday anyway, and we have something planned for Saturday. 

I thought a day of nothing would be good.  But I forgot one important thing:  I can never do nothing.  Even when I try, my brain is constantly going.  And I over think things.

I think of things forgotten.  Of disregarded goals.  Of undone to-do lists.  Of the future and its many possibilities.  Of ideas that never came to fruition.  Of things that should be but aren't and may never be. 

And I miss the one with whom I would normally share these over thought thoughts of mine.

Motivation, my dear, you are encouraged to return at your earliest convenience.  Doing nothing is not good for me.

Maybe I just need another cup of coffee...  =)


Dutchie said...

If it helps at all I know a lot of people who can't remember what day it is. It's not sad at all! Sometimes it just happens that way (to me more times than not).

I hope you find something to do.

Sheena said...

Hi Dutchie! I'm so glad I'm not the only one who loses track of days!

Right after I posted this, the sun happened to come out and it warmed up a bit, so I took the kids to the park. I got to knit and read, so it turned out to be a nice afternoon after all. =)

Dutchie said...

That's great to hear Sheena, I'm glad your day worked out :)