Monday, November 8, 2010

Thirty Days of Thanksgiving: Day 8

Today, I am thankful for:

.... give me a minute.  It was a long and crazy day.  I mean, really.  Who thought an hour change in time could completely annihilate the girls' schedule so easily?  I, for one, was not expecting that, but it happened.  I never realized how naturally they put themselves on a schedule, or how dependent they are on that schedule, until it was messed with.  Baby D was cranky, fussy, and clingy.  Miss Dainty was hungry at really odd times and surprisingly impatient with her baby sister today.  The baby ended up only sleeping for about 30 minutes at nap time.  And to top it off, Mr. Hubs had duty today!  So, it was one of those days....

So, tonight, to bring myself back to my thankfulness, I am thankful for:

32. the extra pizza Mr. Hubs just happened to buy last night.  Popped that in the oven tonight, because I was definitely not cooking.
33. knitting... seriously, it's my stress reliever.  I finished the before mentioned Christmas present, and started another one.
34. Go! Diego, Go! on Netflix. (The kids normally do not get to watch much tv, but today, I was so glad it was available.)
35.  the quiet I am listening to as I type this.  I can hear the clock ticking.  Nice.

Hope everyone had a better Monday than I did!  Here's to a better tomorrow!  (Hopefully, my kids will be adjusted to the time change!) 


Emily @CreativeDisaster said...

You should try Super Why! We watch it a lot on Netflix and it is great for learning letters but also phonics and reading.
Hope today is better!

My Captivating Images said...

I agree with Emily. I loooove Super Why! Go Diego, Go is a good show as well though. Ironically the time change hasn't messed with the babies as much as it has me! LOL! :) Thank you for your comment and yes the Perler bead party was fun. I would highly suggest it.

Sheena said...

We watch Super Why once in a while, too. My oldest loves it, but the baby... eh, not so much. Diego is her absolute favorite right now. =) They like Word World, too. I'm so glad PBS put shows on Netflix, oh and Veggie Tales, too! =)